Digital Design:

  • IMG SYSTEMS team has the ability to provide quality output within the speculated deadlines to our clients.
  • We provide designs ranging from design implementation, soc verification, power management and physical design implementation.
  • We are flexible and reliable in working with different tools. Our expertise in design implementation include virtual platform with design modelling, SoC integration and design execution. 
  • Our product design process takes into consideration the DFM (Design for Manufacturability) and DFT (Design for Test) guidelines, reducing rework and accelerating the time to market. 
  • Our team is proficient in working with verification environment for FGPA, ASIC & SOC designs.
  • Our skilled resources have the ability to establish compatibility with the existing environment to create a new environment which reduces your time-to-market.

Analog Design:

  • An analog chip is set of miniature electronic analog circuits formed on a single piece of semiconductor material.
  • We provide circuit building blocks which can be implemented using bipolar technology as well as metal-oxide-silicon (MOS) technology.
  • We offer services such as analog and mixed signal design solutions, SOC design- verification and physical design, foundry services, silicon validation.
  • We are well-positioned to support customers at any point and any level of semiconductor product life cycle.

System Design:

  • We provide an upgrading design process with an easy-to-use interface, superior design exploration, and optimized design flow.